Cashup Services

Sigil Cashup Services is a web-based application used to manage daily financial information for retail stores. It was originally designed for a chain of grocery stores in Edmonton, Alberta, and tracks daily sales and purchase data, labour costs, and other related information.



At the end of the business day, each store manager logs in to the secure web site using his or her individual account. The manager then enters daily sales numbers, amounts tendered and paid out, details on purchases, and labour information. Once this data has been entered and reviewed, the store manager then confirms the information as final. At this point, the data can no longer be changed by the store manager.

Head office personnel can review this data and generate reports. Several different report types are available for the various types of data managed by the system, and these reports can be generated at any time, for any effective dates. Notifications and scheduled reports are also available.

Technical Details

Sigil Cashup Services is a .NET-based system that makes use of SQL Server for storage and several web services for data interconnectivity. The extensive reporting functionality is provided through SQL Server reporting services, which allows reports to be viewed online or downloaded as PDF or Excel files. Other file formats and reporting features are technically available, but because they offer to benefit to the client, they have been disabled for the sake of simplicity.

Although the underlying concept behind this project seems simple, the nature of the data being managed makes the security and integrity of the system as a whole very important. The data permissions system is very flexible, and account security is tightly controlled: users are only permitted to view or change data if it applies to their store and access levels. In certain cases, users are permitted to view aggregate data through reports but prohibited from exploring the detailed information behind the report. All data is date-locked – changes cannot be made to data retroactively – and all work is logged. All code has been thoroughly reviewed and tested for security vulnerabilities, and hosting and backup procedures are rigorous.

Sigil Cashup Services has managed the financial data for six major retail locations over a period of eight years. To date, there has been no significant data loss or security lapse, and availability has been excellent.

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