Our People

Sigil IT has developed an expansive network of highly-talented companies and individuals over the years. While there are few people working for us directly, we take pride in our ability to offer complete solutions to our clients. We provide advisory, project management, and most technical services in-house. We have excellent contacts in place for projects which require expertise in corporate communications, graphics and design, enterprise management, and other ancillary services.

Paul Guenette, President

Paul joined Sigil IT as a founding partner in 1999. With over a decade of experience in software development and Internet technology, Paul has played a vital role in laying the technological foundation that gives the company an advantage over its competitors. Since assuming his duties as President in 2003, Paul has also carried overall responsibility for setting the business direction of the company.

Steven Westbrook, Consultant

Steven joined Sigil IT as a founding partner in 1999. With experience in research and development, business systems, and database technology, Steven’s contributions to the company over the years have been instrumental. Steven continues to offer his expertise as needed.

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